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Day 60

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Early Post: I am writing early just in case the technology fails me to check in later; I’d hate to waste 59 days of rantings just because I can’t figure out how to buy a wifi signal at the airport.  Our car is coming, hopefully, in a little over two hours.  I say hopefully because I booked on-line and got no confirmation.  That’s okay, right?  Shawni always leaves travel arrangements up to me which I like because it makes me feel like the “guy”.  Unfortunately, when the car doesn’t come– as has happened more than once– it’s all up to me.  We’re still not completely packed– I feel like a contractor– the last 10% is impossible to complete and I keep remembering things that I should have done last week when I thought, “Oh, I’ll remember that.”  When the going gets tough at times like these, and people look to someone for leadership, my family knows where to reach me: the supermarket.  That’s where I’m going now because I feel safe there and because I have food scarcity issues and no food.

Hopefully, an update later from the airport– or maybe even the plane.  If not, we’ll talk when I get to Israel.  But before then, I need to get my 12 “Safe Flight” texts from my sister.  Did I mention I’m a nervous flier?

UPDATE: The car should be here in 45 minutes and I feel like I’m almost ready.  I’ve already had the fights in my head that I’m going to have with the airline: ie: my seats are the last seats on the plane and mine doesn’t go back all the way and I already know what the sweater of the guy next to me smells like.  I will also get into a fight with the guy who weighs my bags to tell me that they are each 85 pounds over weight.  I will tell him that I, too, am a few pounds over weight and it’s hard.  I will demonstrate a burpee to him and tell him about my diet then show him that I still cannot get rid of the love handles.  Worse comes to worst I will go nuclear and show him my waxed back.   I feel that by having these fights in my head in advance, when they don’t happen, that will be the reason why.  Is it a great way to live?  Of course not, but it’s comfortable.  Genetically, it’s how I’m programmed.  I have NEVER seen my father leave for a trip without screaming that he’s lost his plane tickets.  Growing up, it was a nightly ritual for my father to go through the trash outside with a flash light looking for his keys/wallets/tickets only to find them somewhere else.  I don’t know why he assumes that they would be thrown out.  I don’t have that issue: nothing in my house gets thrown out.  Okay, I should go.  It’s getting borderline irresponsible that my luggage does not have tags and I’m writing in my journal.  Please check in later for more updates.


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April 13, 2011 at 6:30 am

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  1. safe flight!!!


    April 13, 2011 at 8:20 am

  2. Safe flight, safe trip. enjoy . Oy

    Marc Rosenberg

    April 13, 2011 at 10:25 am


    Michael Lebit

    April 13, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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