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Day 60 Update

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Okay, so the good news is, four of our bags made it safely to the airport with us– and exactly the recommended 3 hours before our international flight! It’s safe to say I’m a star. The bad news is, we had five bags. Guess how I dealt with this information. Did I:A: say, “That’s why we left plenty of time beforehand, we’ll go back and get the bag, there’s no reason to panic”? B: Calmly take charge and tell my wife there’s nothing to worry about, everything happens for a reason and this will just be a funny story? Or C: Say, “THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO GET READY BEFOREHAND HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN WHY DIDN’T ANYONE COUNT THE BAGS?!!”

That’s right: B. No, of course C. But I quickly recovered and had our housekeeper bring us the bag. My family was happy to check in before me while I waited, especially after my pre-planned fight with the guy who told me our bags were too heavy and he couldn’t change our seats. The bag came a half hour later, giving my family enough time to decompress and ponder staying on a plane with me for 14 1/2 hours. But the truth is, in terms of freakouts, this was about a 4 out of 10 so I’m happy. As I was waiting to go through security I heard a girl in back of me talk about the tv show, “Traffic Light” and Israeli show that is now produced in the US and aired on Fox. “Oh, you work on Traffic Light?” “No. I’m going to Thailand to help rescue girls from sex trafficking.” “Oh. Good luck.” Apparently not everyone has an important job like me.

Well, time to get on the plane. This will most certainly be an adventure, and I will do my best to document it as much as I can. I will be dealing with a big time zone difference and lots of days off for holidays, but I’m super excited to have everyone aboard. Speaking of aboard, I just saw a humongous guy who is no doubt my seatmate. Gotta go!


Written by 100daysoff

April 13, 2011 at 11:35 am

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  1. LOL!!!!


    April 14, 2011 at 5:54 am

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